Manta Gameplay Guide


Manta has five controls.


Direction is controlled either via tilting your iOS device or using the on-screen glass joystick. The latter is a "relative" joystick, i.e. where-ever your finger comes down on the screen is treated as "straight and level". Also, when using the stick control, the Manta will fly straight and level if your finger isn't on the screen.


Cannon is either at the bottom-left of the screen (when using the tilt control) or the opposite corner from the stick (which can be on the left or right).

Missile is either at the bottom-right (with tilt control) or towards the center from the cannon. If you fire a missile without a red "lock-on" the missile will simply fly straight. Also note that you can blow up your own missiles with your cannon.

Quick Turn (sometimes referred to as "retro") is either above the missile button (with tilt control) or above the cannon button (when using the stick). Note that performing a quick turn requires energy (the blue bar), and you need your bar at least half full to perform a quick turn.

Also note that the Manta automatically performs a quick turn when it collides with something. This drains whatever energy is available.

Afterburner (sometimes referred to as "turbo") is either above the cannon button (with tilt control) or above the missile button (when using the stick). Note that you need energy to use the afterburner, and if you use all your energy you afterburners will "flame out" for a couple of seconds (the energy bar will turn red, indicating that your afterburners are not available).

Pausing the game: if you touch anywhere outside the controls during play the game will pause and you'll see two buttons, one to abort the current mission (your Manta will self-destruct, but you will still be credited for completing the mission if all required targets have been destroyed) and the other allowing you to continue.



Manta has a sophisticated but simple HUD.


Main Menu this is the menu you drop into when Manta first launches. The four buttons should be self-explanatory.

Mission Menu: describes the current mission and your required targets.

After completing (or failing to complete) a mission you will find yourself in the After Action Report screen, which tells you how your mission went and allows you to return to the Mission Menu.

Settings lets you configure the aspects of the game the way you want it.

Game Settings



Other Tips

The enemy are actually aiming to hit you, so flying in straight lines towards them is not a recipe for success.

Many large targets have weak points. (Similarly, some targets are invulnerable until their shields are knocked out.)

Turrets have logical firing arcs (e.g. they typically aren't allowed to fire through valuable infrastructure), so consider your approach angles accordingly.

Flying underwater slows you down (which can be very helpful). Many surface and flying vessels have trouble attacking you when under water.

Some enemies will run away if attacked.

Last updated 09/07/2010